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Kim Kardashian has vowed never to stop taking nude selfies. Kim wore a black Vivienne Westwood dress as she arrived for the ceremony, which has previously been labelled the Oscars of the Internet.

The 35-year-old reality star picked up the first-ever Break the Internet gong at the Webby Awards in New York on Monday night.

for a while — not this area — but I was just down here for a [ thought Theon was dead? I mean, I didn’t even know, because I hadn’t read that far ahead in the books. And then about three weeks past, people were telling David and Dan, when I wasn’t there, “You should probably tell him, because he’s probably tearing his heart out about it.” So they called me and they told me that I wouldn’t be dying — that was a relief!

They sent me a fake season finale script where Bran killed me at Winterfell, stabbing me in the heart, and it was hilarious.

Tearing out of dormancy, while still between dream and reality, George could not understand what was happening, why it’s so nice.

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