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I started camming back in December on another site and I did that until the end of January and then stopped camming up until July 29th when I found Chaturbate! My favourite place to be is far in the woods listening to the birds chirp and the wind go through the trees and the water running down a stream. I believe that the gym saved my life (you can ask me about it). My two bestfriends don't live in my province so a typical day in my life is hanging out with family, going to the gym and coming online to hangout with you guys! I live on the East Coast of Canada but I won't say what province I live in so please don't ask me that.

I'm hoping to finish grade 12 this September and possibly look into nutrition the year after! I like getting into a good book every now and then too. I've always been the loner type and it's honestly not too bad.

Short review: Things sure have come a long way since bikini-clad broads mud-wrestling in skanky dives.

This internet site delivers a more professional brand of girl-on-girl "combat," where fingerdoodling mid-match is lawful, and the loser has to sup the winner's crotch.

The young women are thoroughly trained by professional dark cell masters and go through 4 days of hell and slave training like they never thought possible.

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