Dating gestures mean

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.” Women are hypergamous and are always trying to date “up”! These all have a basis in truth, but they’re not the whole truth – not by a long shot.

Furthermore, complaining about it doesn’t change a thing.

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I believed that all men could be moved to extreme romantic measures if they really loved their lady.

I didn’t measure up to some mysterious standard, I thought, and so I was never “good enough” for a proposal on the banks of the Seine. This belief became so ingrained that I began to view the world through a lens of unworthiness where every event, every little instance, became the proof I was looking for that I lacked the spark that would make a man shower me with treats and surprises. Men are selfish for dating you if they don’t want to marry you!

It goes without saying that nothing in life goes as planned and it's definitely far from perfect.

Life is indeed an open book with all the obstacles that will be thrown your way but who's to say you have zero control of it?

He knows there’ll be much less animosity between the two of you if he sends you beautiful flowers for you to Instagram instead of texting his apology. There’s nothing sexier than when your man makes a date-night plan with you in advance and has it all planned out.

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