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And I think it would make it clear that President Trump will continue the tradition at the FBI of having an apolitical professional."Garland is currently serving in a lifetime appointment as chief judge of the DC Circuit Court, so many observers consider the choice to be a longshot because it would leave a vacancy for such a high profile position.Garland was apparently not among the eight FBI candidates spotted over the weekend meeting with White House officials interviewing for the job.

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Although its eggs are larger than those of its hosts, the eggs in each type of host nest resemble the host's eggs.

The adult too is a mimic, in its case of the sparrowhawk; since that species is a predator, the mimicry gives the female time to lay her eggs without being seen to do so.

It is greyish with a slender body and long tail and can be mistaken for a falcon in flight, where the wingbeats are regular.

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