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It got to the point where I was going on four or five a week and between August and February I went on more than 100 dates."Assistant restaurant manager, Louise Tweddell, 23, and builder Cameron Willcock, 23, seemed like a done deal.

From colour-coordinated outfits to a mutual love of spaghetti Bolognese, these two were very similar. "We didn't look at the menu for the first 45 minutes because we were so busy talking.

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"I was gutted when Hugo said he didn't fancy me on the show.

But then, after the TV date, his hyper-energetic mood calmed down and I saw the real Hugo.

But if that’s true why isn’t he getting a call back? Read More » The woman in TODAY’S 2nd date update, is the type of the girl that most men DREAM of dating… in fact, SHE describes her disastrous evening as “one of the best nights of her entire life”… Read More » One of the key things to a good joke, is timing…

knowing WHAT to say and (most importantly) WHEN to say it.

and his risky move ALMOST landed them both in the ER… and at least got some time with her, before she disappeared from his life… Read More » In today’s Second Date Update one guy made a SHOCKING decision about his date…he brought his MOM!!!

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