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I said as much in a short blog on these very pages.

Soon I was trending on Twitter, and from the comments you’d have thought that I’d shot, cooked and eaten Shergar the Racehorse. Like Princess Diana and Nookie the Bear before him, Bowie was not some selfless saint; he was a sharp-eyed, ambitious creature who once floated himself on the Stock Market in the 1990s, and sold himself for the advertising shilling – when already a millionaire many times over – in 2006 to a bottled water company.

"It serves no purpose to society to lock her up and punish her." The pair's sexual encounters were uncovered when the woman's younger brother found a video recording and called the police.

The court was told the woman had initially asked prosecutors to lay the blame entirely on her, and let her father off.

In one notorious case, he had helped himself to the virginity of a 13-year-old named Lori Maddox, who went on to act as sperm receptacle/muse to .

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