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After the Forrest Gump scene, Quagmire is coming of the drunken clam to his car. (Though I think I enjoyed "The Old Man and the Big ' C' more because of the Quagmire-subplot"), then we have two very good episodes, then suddenly the worst episode ever f ucking done: Lois Comes Out Her Shell. Sonia says, "hey sexy" then quagmire's face is shown having one black eye, his left eye. I KNOW people hate "Life Of Brian" the most, but at least that episode had SOME humor in the six first minutes and touching emotional moments. Boring plot, terrible jokes and even bad acting in one scene!

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Her alleged captor, Lukasz Pawel Herba, reportedly drugged her and placed her in a large suitcase in a car boot.

Mr Herba has claimed he only became involved under duress from a Romanian gang living in Birmingham.

“Did you know chloe ayling has been kidnapped in italy and is now for sale by russian mafia ??? “it will be f***n hot mateeee.” Attached with the email was a document advertising the criminal gang’s kidnapping services and information on its latest victim.

The message contained details of Ms Ayling’s measurements, where she was abducted and held and the date of the “auction” to sell her.

When Quagmire meets a woman named Sonja, who is as sexually insatiable as he is, he is thrilled to finally be with someone who won't judge him. Everyone is fantastically funny and in-character, the jokes are creative and the plot is good!

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