Power and control wheel for dating relationships

Questions concerning student conduct policies and procedures should be directed to the Office of Student Conduct, 307 Pratt Hall, (724) 357-1264.Below is a list of common types and examples of abuse. Domestic and dating violence are all about the need for one person to gain power and control over another individual.Students are held accountable for violations of these policies through the university conduct system.

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The existence of such a relationship shall be determined based on a consideration of the following factors: As a community, the university has developed a code of standards and expectations that are consistent with its purpose as an educational institution.

The Student Conduct Policies and Procedures articulate these standards.

We recently debunked the myth that abuse can be described as a cycle.

If we can’t describe it that way, is there a more accurate way to talk about abuse? It’s called The Duluth Model, and at its core is the Power & Control Wheel.

If so, they may be signs of an abusive relationship.

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