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Mc Glynn This work takes a critical look at the current concept of isotopic landscapes ("isoscapes") in bioarchaeology and its application in future research.

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The analyses presented were intended to rebut the emerging hypothesis that invokes root-plant uptake, transport and reallocation of soil organic carbon into phytoliths that has been recently put forward as an explanation for the anomalous radiocarbon (C) ages (of hundreds to thousands of years old) reported for modern grass phytoliths in Santos et al.

We believe that the results presented in Piperno (2015) lack methodological rigor, mostly due to the absence of any procedural blank assessment, and that the attempts to disprove the hypothesis of uptake of soil organic matter (SOM) by phytoliths in Santos et al.

This book fills the gap and it offers a two-tier approach to the subject.

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