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I have Range object called Distination Range which contains reference to range B3: H63 I want to apply following two conditional formatting using Excel VBA code dynamically. ' This macro is designed to reset all formatting rules to default. Format Conditions.add(xl Cell Value, xl Equal, "=""A""") .

(Because the range would not be same all the time) =$E3, TRUE, FALSE))" With . ' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Error Go To Err Handler ' Make sure we are positioned in the correct sheet WS_PROMO. Enable Events = False ' Delete all conditional formatting rules in sheet Cells. Delete ' CREATE ALL THE CONDITIONAL FORMATTING RULES: ' (1) Make negative values red With Cells(1, 1). Stop If True = False End With ' (2) Highlight defined good margin as green values With Cells(1, 1). Stop If True = False End With ' (3) Make article strategy "D" red With Cells(1, 1).

Earlier this year, I posted a tip for separating dates in a list, by using a red border at the start of a date change.

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(By "default formatting", I mean the formatting that you set up using the normal formatting tools, not necessarily the worksheet's default font and font size.)A cell can have up to 3 format conditions, each with its own formats, in addition to the default value of "no formatting".

This allows you to have different formats depending on the value of the cell.

When the value of the cell meets the format condition, the format you select is applied to the cell.

If the value of the cell does not meet the format condition, the cell's default formatting is used.

Range I need to use is "B3: H62" and I added conditional format as Range("B3: H62"). Add Type:=xl Expression, Formula1:="=IF($D3="""", FALSE, IF($F3 I think I just discovered a way to apply overlapping conditions in the expected way using VBA. Stop If True = False End With ' (5) Make article strategy "W" green With Cells(1, 1).

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