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The Mencap movement – both national and local - works together to bring about change for people with a learning disability.

If you're a learning disability group or organisation, that operates on a local-level, why not join our network?

In addition to Mencap, there are over 400 organisations working with us in communities across the UK, to respond to the local needs of people with a learning disability living there.

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If you've just been raped If you've been raped abroad Rape Crisis specialist services Other sexual violence services Support for men & boys Health & Feelings Reporting to the Police Supporting a survivor On this site you will find: how to get help if you've experienced rape, child sexual abuse and/or any kind of sexual violence, and details of your nearest Rape Crisis services; information for friends, partners, family and other people supporting a sexual violence survivor; information about sexual violence for survivors, students, journalists and others; more about our work, our members and how you can support us.

The final premises move for i Ca SH Norfolk – which includes contraception, sexual health, HIV and psychosexual health - takes place on 24 Match 2016, from that date all sexual health services (Ca SH, GUM and HIV) based at the Bure Clinic, Lowestoft Road, Gorleston on Sea and Kittywitches, King Street in Great Yarmouth will move to new premises.

Now here's the clincher: You also have to pay up ANOTHER case of Bollinger for every year that the relationship lasts. Hopefully you'll be drinking a lot of it too, so it's important to be offering up a drink that you enjoy. They just need a small kick up the backside so that they can effect the introduction. That's basically running races that are longer than a 26-mile marathon.

The main thing is: it's going to make your friends sit up and take notice. It's going to get them inviting you over for dinner with two, three, even four single men for company. Your friends are the people who are most likely to know the next man of your dreams. Marathons and ultra-marathons Just over a year ago, I went through that great mid-life rite of passage and started ultra-ruling.

There's a chance, a teeny-tiny chance, that you might meet the guy of your dreams. More likely though, whether it's the pub or the dating site, you'll just meet some rogue who's out for... And what most single women generally want to meet is a guy who is single; and who is not a complete low-lifer; and who might share her values; and who just might, perhaps, be looking for a relationship. But I'd certainly remember all about them if I'd been offered enough of a reward. All across the UK, there is a complete epidemic of these long runs. And then there are the actual ultra-runners themselves, who, though they are invariably lean and sinewy, do tend to be slightly...

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