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Using several techniques, most system designs can avoid conflicts in all or a large percentage of the data that is replicated.However, many applications require that some percentage of data be updatable at multiple sites at any time.Here the fact comes handy that EA is based on a database model which has proven to be very stable with respect to its structure.

In this article, we'll look at the continuum between isolated data and shared data, and identify three distinct approaches for creating data architectures that fall at different places along the continuum.

Next, we'll explore some of the technical and business factors to consider when deciding which approach to use.

June 2006 Frederick Chong, Gianpaolo Carraro, and Roger Wolter Microsoft Corporation Applies to: Application Architecture Software as a Service (Saa S) Summary: The second article in our series about designing multi-tenant applications identifies three distinct approaches for creating data architectures.

(25 printed pages) Many thanks to Paul Henry for his help with technical writing.

Enterprise Architect 13 Release Highlights: The release of Enterprise Architect 13 includes hundreds of new enhancements and technologies for distributed agile modeling and design, cloud-based project management and integrated simulation, software and database engineering.

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