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That may change in the next year, as the clinical investigators and company researchers at Visiogen are readying their Phase III data for the Synchrony dual-optic accommodating IOL for submission to the Food and Drug Administration.

Here's a look at this technology, its long-term international results and the injector that makes the whole package work.

Objective measurement of the accommodative capability offered by the accommodative IOLs is extremely difficult to obtain, and different methods such as autorefractometers, retinoscopy, and ultrasound imaging during accommodative effort, ray tracing, or pharmacological stimulation have been developed but the results are sometimes inconsistent.

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Accommodative IOLs were designed to fill this gap and provide satisfactory vision for all distances by restoring some degree of “pseudoaccommodation.” Pseudo accommodative capability can be linked to monofocal IOL’s as well but the results are not satisfactory enough to fully support unaided near vision.

Pseudoaccommodation is a complex phenomenon that can be attributed to several static (i.e., pupil size, against-the-rule cylindrical refractive error, multifocality of the cornea) and dynamic (i.e., anterior movement of the implant itself) factors.

Defocus curves in the accommodating IOL group were compared with those in the control group.

The main outcome measures were postoperative distance uncorrected and best corrected visual acuity; near uncorrected, distance corrected, and near corrected visual acuity; and accommodative range based on defocus curves.

During the surgery the cloudy lens is removed and replaced with a clear plastic lens in the same lens capsule as the natural lens.

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