I wanna cam to cam wit sexy women

I think it hit a nerve because I think a lot of us have a strong attraction to people that aren't necessarily good for us.

RH: What was the inpsiration for the "Wicked Game" video?

Some of the women offer the option of cam chats, and others give rather more detail regarding their personal lives than you might expect — they mention that they have children, say, or are in education — but on the surface, the difference is subtle to say the least.

Perhaps My Girl Fund wasn't quite supposed to turn out the way things were planned back in 2008.

on March, 13, 2015, the Rock Hall caught up with Chris Isaak for a look back at 1989's "Wicked Game" music video directed by Herb Ritts and featuring supermodel Helena Christensen. Did the on-camera chemistry with supermodel Helena Christensen happen off-camera, too? Chris Isaak: It's about four in the morning, and somebody calling and saying I'm coming over to your house and I thought right after I said okay, I thought I should have never allowed this person to come over to my house. And I wrote the song between the time I got off the phone and the person came over to visit.

What was photographer/director Herb Ritts' vision for the video? It was just about what happens when you have a strong attraction to people that aren't necessarily good for you.

CI: I was always very interested in the video process.

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