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f you have an i Phone (pictured) that is constantly running out of space, this simple trick might help.

The easy way to free up space was first discovered by a Reddit user and shared a month ago.

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Stay consistent with birth control reminders, guidance, and tips — no matter your method.

If you’re not on birth control, Spot On can help you accurately predict your period and even give you a heads up on ovulation when you’re likely to be fertile.

Even in these early scenes, director and writer Andrea Arnold couples female desire with the threat of sexual violence.

As Star navigates the world, she finds that her body is often just out of her control, a place of power and joy but also of strange and sometimes disturbing compromise. And an important part of life, really important,” Arnold told Buzz Feed News.

With American Honey, Arnold presents a complex picture of a young woman’s troubled exploration of her own lust, and resists tropes of victimization and empowerment. “There's not a lot of female sexuality in films generally.”Unlike many Hollywood victims, Star is never defined by her sexual abuse, although the character is clearly influenced by it as she wobbles uncertainly toward self-determination.

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