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Image source:i Stock Despite faking more than you might have thought, 75 percent of guys are still able to reach orgasm through penetrative sex, while only 29% of women do through the same methods.

This isn't so surprising, though, when you consider that it takes clitoral stimulation for most (but not all) women to reach orgasm.

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Image source:i Stock For guys, orgasm automatically equals ejaculation, right? While most people seem to think that orgasm and ejaculation happen concurrently for guys, that's usually not actually the case.

Some men actually don't ejaculate until a few seconds after orgasm, and some men are unable to ejaculate but can still have orgasms.

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Image source:i Stock In fact, guys' more frequent orgasms may lead them to believe that everyone has the same experience--in a study done by Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion, they found that while only 64 percent of women reached orgasm during their last sexual experience, 85 percent of men believed they had given their partner an orgasm. Image source:i Stock You know that line about how sex just "doesn't feel as good" with a condom? S.--a study done by The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2009 found that there's actually no difference in sensation for guys when it comes to wearing a condom.

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