Voluptuos women for dating

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I've always figured those D's make men act dumb, and now scientists have proven it.

Voluptuous women fire up the reward centers of the male brain, the areas associated with drug and alcohol addictions, says a study from Georgia Gwinnett College.

I'm what women's magazines and rap songs call a “curvy girl.” I'm not skinny. But I've got an attractive and — more importantly — healthy body that's filled out in more places than others. We like pizza and vodka and occasionally going home after work instead of the gym.

We aren't afraid to make space for ourselves in this world, whether it's at the juice, buffet or Pure bar(re). You have two choices: wear boxy sweaters that deceivingly make you look like 382,507 pounds or walk around looking like Sofia Vergara squeezed into a tube sock.

Like, when you would rather sit on your comfy ass than move it for a stupid mile race on a poorly-funded track?

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