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Most of us talk to our computers on a semi-regular basis, but that doesn’t mean the conversation is any good.We ask Siri what the weather is like, or tell Alexa to put some music on, but we don’t expect sparkling repartee — voice interfaces right now are as sterile as the visual interface they’re supposed to replace.

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Hello Ava’s co-founder and CEO Siqi Mou, a former Bloomberg anchor who spent a lot of time doing television, says she came up with the idea for the company after agreeing to do a commercial for a skin care brand in Indonesia.

Before agreeing to do the spot, she started studying each ingredient, and came to realize that she — like most of us — didn’t grasp how many toxic chemicals and other harsh preservatives are in our daily skin care products.

In addition to wanting safe products, most people have a hard time selecting the right ones for their skin, she says. The startup Hello Ava actually began as a class project at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business last year.

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