david spade dating heather locklear - Chris crocker dating his brother

Almost 10 years ago, Chris Crocker became a viral sensation with his plea to leave Britney Spears alone after her widely panned performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. ” Watch his full response about his physical transformation!In the video that made him famous, which Crocker has since deleted, he cried, "She hasn’t performed on stage in years. He reiterated in the comments section, "Again, it isn't that I'm anti-compliments.

I’ve been a rock for her and she’s been a rock for me.

‘My mum finds a lot of comfort in seeing us support each other and I know Mikey would be happy to see I’m helping his wife and kids. ‘I am here to support Ashley and be a father figure for the kids but they are very clear on the fact that I am their uncle.’ But the couple have been slammed on social media by his family with sister Christina posting on Facebook that it was ‘insensitive’ and wrong’.

Unaware he was barking up the wrong tree, the British lad tried his hand at Spanish before giving up completely and chatting in English."We're having a bit of a language barrier," Bobby said before making an excuse for a quick exit.

Don't worry Bob, Mr Right will be out there somewhere.

‘And so we were pretending to be in a relationship for their sake.’ Defending the relationship electrician Chris said: ‘Losing Mikey felt like someone had stuck a knife in my gut.

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