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Included here are examples of how CDXZip Stream answers the question: Are your zip codes real?First, we recommend that when obtaining zip code data from CDXZip Stream that you request the zip code value be returned as well - this will provide confirmation of how CDXZip Stream is interpreting the original zip code input, as shown below: The result from the data request above is: (Note - the data returned from CDXZip Stream are highlighted in yellow in columns B through G.Looking to collect US zip codes and validate that the entries are correct? Click Question at the bottom of the page where you wish to add your zip code question.

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Continuing with my series of Java Script regular expression today we will see how easy it is to validate zip code using regular expression in Java Script.

Previously we talked about validating email and Social Security number using JS regex.

Zip Code format: The regular expression for zip code is /^\d$|^\d-\d$/ This is quite a simple regular expression.

What we are saying here is that a valid zip code can either have 5 digits or 5 digits followed by an hyphen(-) and ends with four digits. However, 83900- or 839008789 will not pass our validation test.

You can find the documentation of the current version at docs.Post Code — Zend Framework 2 2.0.7 documentation knows more than 160 different postal code formats. You can either use a fully qualified locale or you can set your own format manually.

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