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My husband, Craig Melvin (I call him by his last name and will do so from here on out) and I could not be more excited to welcome our first child this March. He sometimes makes me laugh hysterically with a clever quip right before we come out of a commercial break but when I appear flustered, I’ve found I can just wave my scripts in front of my face and blame it on being preggers. I have to leave more time to get down to the studio before my 6 p.m.So by her popularity and ability this lady got a chance in the biggest media channel and made this figure of an amount.

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This American sportscaster and reporter have a net worth of $3 million dollars, and it is reporting that this lady also earns over $1.5 million dollars as an annual salary.

She is known as a successful, talented and more skillful sportscaster and female sports journalist; however, some wiki also provide that veteran female journalist also afraid of her skill.

The person was George Michael himself and he called so that Lindsay could work on his show as a co-host.

She accepted the offer and used to work for the show.

Lindsay started her professional career interning at WUSA in Washington, D. From there this lady moved on to serve as a production assistant for CNN.

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