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I’ve never met a stronger person who stands by their will and their moral values.” Thicke continued by stating that race was something of a hurdle towards the beginning of their relationship.“I met her and we were 16 years old and she was the president of the Black student union and I was just a silly White boy who didn’t understand or have compassion.” When asked how he felt regarding the media’s opinion that African American women are better off dating white men, Thicke responded; “I think that’s ridiculous.

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A couple weeks after the visitation, death visited again. And suddenly I can’t escape the cold, hard truth that all of us share this destiny of death.

Every time I look at my neighbor’s house, I am reminded of the reality of death.

Death called again the day we noticed the medical van in their driveway advertising hospital beds, wheelchairs, and oxygen.

Then came the newspaper obituary and the knock on our door: Our neighbor’s wife had died at home on Saturday, surrounded by her family.

My husband and I have been staring death in the face for the past couple of months.

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