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Instead of making a beeline for the Marquesas Islands 1,200 miles away, which he believed were inhabited by cannibals, Pollard decided to sail for the coast of South America, more than 3,000 miles away.

Only eight of the original 20 crew lived to tell the tragedy.

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We've created a zero-pressure environment and it will look and feel like you're in an upscale lounge or club, with the added bonus that everyone is here for relatively the same reason you are, which is to meet other like-minded couples.

Sugar House is an award-winning nightclub, restaurant and on-premise boutique hotel, not a Denver sex club.

By law (and preference) we do not allow nudity or sexual activity anywhere within public view or outside of the on-premise hotel suites.

Any and all nudity or sexual activity must be kept behind closed doors in a rented hotel suite.

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