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This a good place to start a small collection and have some fun reading the old texts and looking at the pictures of that time period.

You might be surprised at how some things have not changed that much in every day land surveying work for many years.

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Transactional lawyers have many unique research needs, but also often must rely on their traditional research skills.

This is especially true when working as a new attorney or on a deal covering an area of law or business which is new to you.

For example if you are drafting a contract to license intellectual property you would want to make sure you not only understand the general rules of contract law, but any essential background information pertaining to IP law which would inform your deal.

Collecting antique surveying instruments, books and memorabilia can be a lot of fun if you follow a few simple guidelines.

The federal census of 1840 recorded 16,469 persons in the city. Most of this population growth came through immigration. Louis was one of the central points that drew immigrants, some of whom settled in the city, but the majority fitted out to claim western lands.

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