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Spring Semester: Priority Deadline December 1 Fall Semester: Priority Deadline: July 1 The university's core values are used as a guide to interpreting the contents of each application presented for admission, and a comprehensive review of all materials is performed for each applicant before making an admission decision.

Both the academic and nonacademic factors present in an application are used to make an admission decision.

However if you pause game play, wait about fifteen seconds, then resume the game, you should be able to pick up three more. Updating stats: Due to a server error partly because of global servers, your stats usually will not update immediately.

To see your stats, log off for four or five hours then log back on. Defend That Flag Soldier What's the best way to defend a flag, you ask?

It is always best to apply well in advance for admission, preferably early in the last semester at your current institution.

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