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“That was my man, so I’m not ashamed of it,” she affirmed.

TMZ is reporting that Fetty Wap is seeking legal action against the people that are responsible for leaking out a sex tape that shows Fetty & his ex-gf Alexis Skyy.

Either Fetty Wap or his current chick is responsible for leaking his sex tape with ex-gf Alexis Sky, according to Alexis, anyway ... TMZ obtained a copy of the cease and desist letter Sky's attorney fired off to Team Fetty -- after he sent one to her -- and it squarely accuses the rapper of putting the video out on the Internet.

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CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ALLEGED FETTY WAP SEX TAPE Last month someone else leaked a glimpse of another Fetty Wap sex tape which you can see here.

This new tape that was leaked out this morning is being chased down by Fetty’s legal team.

During the interview, Skyy says she has a lawyer dealing with the situation.

“I have a lawyer handling everything, so I have no need to speak to him,” Skyy says at the mark of the interview, which you can view above. ” TMZ recently obtained a copy of the cease-and-desist letter Skyy’s attorney sent to Fetty’s camp. 10), Skyy went on Instagram and posted, “All of this is so crazy & embarrassing!!

But here's a twist -- Alexis went on the 'Breakfast Club' Wednesday morning and hinted Fetty has a bunch of sex tapes ...

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