Filipina dating scam forum

I have been told countless times how its hot and they don't have even a fan, and how when it rains they are always wet.

Now, as a young child, if i wanted something, that was all i would talk about, over and over and over, etc. Then, it has come down to where she is telling me how she has to find a job to "rebuild" the house, and that it costs 50 american dollars to get all the "requirements" i.e.

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I know there was a big typhoon in Leyte, and from pictures and Skype i can see that her family home was extensively damaged.

I have talked with her about this, and it seems that it's all her brother CAN talk about.

Now, i have many reasons to believe she is an honest and simple person.

I have Skyped with her a few times so i can obviously see she is who she says she is.

One of the reasons I started this blog years ago was to help guys avoid scammers.

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