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And now, the account has its very own comic book, created by Margulis and her recent collaborator Dru Radovich, with plans for a potential television show. ), Instagram, and worked together to create the comic book, with Margulis in Manhattan and Radovich in L. “I want people to know there is a pulse behind the pen,” Margulis told the Observer.

She used Instagram stories to allow her character to join strangers on the subway and at airports.

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Butlikemaybe, the 20-something fashion girl cartoon on Instagram, makes for highly #relatable content (at least that’s what the cool teens are calling it these days).

The account was created by Arianna Margulis, who worked in fashion in New York and Los Angeles, where she’s also dealt with the pitfalls of dating apps, NYFW parties and tequila hangovers, all of which has lead to the aforementioned content. Now, they’ve signed with CAA and are taking meetings for an animated series.

Pakistani-American Kamala is a fellow Jersey girl who, after taking a walk in some Terrigen mist, gains herself some superpowers.

So, how do you deal with saving your hometown of Jersey City while also trying to be a good Muslim daughter? She talks like a teen girl, she's *actually* written by a Muslim woman (G.

But if we were still dealing with the Jimmy and Amanda version...

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