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The publication includes colour photographs, five-generation pedigree tables, race records, stud records, sire lines, dam lines, service fees and conditions, stud contact details, and more – making it an essential reference point for all involved In the racehorse breeding industry.

Domingue, John; Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Gomez-Goiri, Aitor; Smith, Andrew; Pareit, Daan ; Vanhie-Van Gerwen, Jono ; Tranoris, Christos ; Lampropoulos, Kostas ; Jourjon, Guillaume ; Fourmaux, Olivier and Rahman, Mohammed Yasin (2015). Design for Teaching and Learning in a Networked World, Proceedings of 10th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2015, Toledo, Spain, September 15-18.

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So if you are looking for some inspiration for choosing your next book then please browse my reading choices by title, author, genre and rating for some ideas.

Details for each book include the title, author's name, my notes, publication date, genre and my rating.

A well paced thriller: Dr Henry Steadman is carefully framed for the murder of a police officer.

He goes on the run determined to prove his innocence and save the life of his daughter who is being held hostage by a vindictive and embittered man who holds Steadman responsible for his daughter's drug addiction and subsequent imprisonment for killing a mother and her baby whilst driving her car when drugged up.

At first it was just the novel that the group was reading that month, but I quickly began to record my thoughts about every book I read, which now runs to over 700 titles in ten years.

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