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She was last seen at a park called Lagerny Garden just over a mile from the Siberian Botanical Garden where her severed head was found.A statement from the regional branch of the Russian Investigative Committee said Ms Povesma 'went for a walk and did not come back', reported The Siberian Times.'On Sunday her parents reported her missing and later on 31 July by the bank of a pond in the botanical garden a severed head was found.'Russians expressed horror today at Ms Povesma's brutal killing.'This girl is almost a child - these beasts,' said one on social media.She had gone missing after a night out with friends in the city.

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Kidnapped at the age of nine, a man cajoled the boy into his flat and then held him prisoner inside one room in the apartment.

When he vanished, the child was put on the wanted list of missing children in the Russian capital but searches failed to locate him. The suspect is reported to have confessed to kidnapping the boy, and charges of sexual abuse are expected along with other alleged offences, say the Investigative Committee - the Russian equivalent of the FBI.

Rape, paedophilia, incest, and sodomy – Russian media have targeted France and Germany for years with hundreds of fake or distorted stories, many of which were designed to incite sexual revulsion toward asylum seekers and the politicians who gave them shelter.

Conspiracy theories about false-flag terrorist attacks and about Nazism have also featured in Moscow’s propaganda campaign as France and Germany head for elections.

In Russia the picture is very different, since the “traditional values” endorsed by those who oppose gender equality, LGBT rights, abortion and reproductive rights, and sex education are fully and openly embraced by the state, by the Russian Orthodox Church, and even by state universities and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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