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of 2017 had a little something for the juicy scandal-lover in all of us (yeah, guess we're not giving up gossip for new year's after all...), and it started right in the first place you'd look. Things have been tense between Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks for awhile, and tensions boiled over last night a week after Kandi accused Phaedra of getting back on the dating horse before she and ex-husband Apollo Nida had split up."I said, 'You know good well that you wasn't sad about your husband leaving," Kandi later recounted her face-off with Phaedra to a whole group of ladies, including Kenya Moore.

"'Cause you was with me talking about how you were dating somebody else before he even went to jail.

At Lauren's, Porsha confessed she might have said the things Kandi had claimed (which involved Porsha saying she wanted to … Porsha still felt justified in everything she'd said in response, however.

"Phaedra was trying to have a man on her side in her marriage...

So for me to hear not just that these things are being said in the street, but also that it all got kicked off because Kandi went and told all these lies?

While this is the first marriage for both, Burruss was previously engaged to Ashley Jewell, who appeared on "Real Housewives." Better known as A.

J., Burruss' late fiancé met with his untimely death in 2009 from an injury he sustained during a brawl in the parking lot of an Atlanta strip club.

Storms were brewing in Atlanta — between Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams.

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