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Leon and Lim, who are also co-creative directors of Kenzo, struck viral gold with their latest Jonze-directed short film for Kenzo's latest fragrance; the video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times since its release last week.Apparently, comedian Fred Armisen (of SNL and Portlandia fame) enjoys some measure of renown as a douchebag. When you turn the TV off, the little people inside disappear! I GO AROUND AND LEAVE NICE THINGS IN THERE BEFOREHAND SO HE WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN.

An alert chump sent me a transcribed portion of the interview for the Universal Bullshit Translator, including Armisen’s thoughts on marriage to Elisabeth Moss of And you were like, ‘Let’s get married? ’ This is going to sound so shallow, but I compare life commitments to playground equipment. I remember, I would move in with so many people, and live with them, and then I’d meet someone else and move in with them.

’ It’s so exciting, and this is gonna sound so shallow, but I get lost in fantasy a lot … The amount of times I’ve had furniture handed to me.

A former recording studio retro­fitted for a niche upscale market, it feels exactly like the kind of place Fred Armisen — drummer, self-mocking hipster, TV-­comedy perpetual-motion machine — would recommend for an interview.

Armisen doesn’t so much arrive as nonchalantly materialize.

But like the characters he plays, he’s a nonchalant, unstudied sort of douche. And if you get tired of them, you can just flip the channel! It is like being starstruck, and I was getting to know the other people from the show and her and it was very, very exciting, and I only got caught up in that part of it. When you want to be that type of adult that restrains himself or not, that’s a life choice Yes.

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