Tufts dating scene

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, the main character kills his wife, transforms into another man in prison, is released, begins dating a woman who resembles his wife in flashbacks, kills two men, turns back into his original self, and then drives screaming into the desert.

The plot elements in alone would be sufficient to disorient a viewer, but the way Lynch composed his shots bring the film to the level of a feverish nightmare.

I also felt like there was a lack of passion among the students to learn and Greek life was HUGE…without it you did not have much of a social life.

(The courses and professors at Wake were really great though!

Tufts has a Good Samaritan policy, by which no one who seeks medical assistance for others will be subject to disciplinary action specifically for their own use of alcohol or small amounts of marijuana, although other violations of the Code of Conduct may be pursued.

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