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San Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia said “the extent of how that really got to this individual remains to be investigated and thoroughly vetted out.” But a source familiar with the investigation said Thursday that the suspect killed her parents as payback.Garcia called it “a tragic incident perpetrated by evil,” adding that the man has a history of mental illness, domestic violence and driving under the influence.I am still sticking it in the “socially relevant” section though, because their romance is equally about two characters falling in love, and the youth of India in general being stalled due to a failed economy, afraid of the future even to the point of fearing falling in love.

He said police don’t know where the man got the handgun that was used in the crime, but it was not registered to him.

Police were called to the home after the couple’s 20-year-old son rushed out to the street and called 911, telling dispatchers that his father had been shot, possibly his mother, too, and that his little brother was still in the house with the gunman.

It's Navratras and we must not be stopped from visiting a temple," said Shakuntala Devi.

Another villager threatened to break in despite the security.

Socially Relevant 1950s: , on the other hand, is essentially about the Nargis and Raj characters and how they change each other.

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