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Hey all, so Ive been recently shopping around for a new amp, because im getting tired of my shitty solid state vox amp. It's as good a value in a tube amp as I can think of.

and was wondering what you guys thought of the peavey calssic 30. You can help that a bunch by swapping out the pre-amp tubes for better ones. The things said above are spot on, but let me add a little.

as far as i'm aware, i've done everything i should have done to use it properly. i don't really have a clue, and would much prefer this to be someone elses problem Andrew. and i don't have a different speaker to try it out with i'm afraid could this be a problem with the tubes?

i'd rather keep this amp if it's repairable, to be honest... it happens on both channels, so i assume, if it was tubes, it'd point at one of the power ones?

Thankfully I have all the dates for mine and sometimes I was on the phone 20 minutes as Peavey has the best CS team in the business!

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