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Our most respected “rifleman” scholar craftsman, Wallace Gussler, often illustrates these points while wearing a hand-made, linen rifleman’s shirt and carrying an American rifle, pouch and Pennsylvania screw-tip horn, each item the earliest known American type.

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The following is an article from the February 2007 edition The American screw-tip powder horn was an innovation by professional horners, turners, and a few rifle makers.

With production centered in Eastern Pennsylvania in its earliest years, the screw tip horn thread its way South on the great wagon road, west through the Cumberland Gap and across Forbes Road and down the Ohio River, thus paralleling both the production and migration of the rifle it served.

In Europe, this was not done on powder horns because quantity was not needed and the natural shape of the horn was modified to show the application of the “mystery and art” of the horner’s craft. During the French and Indian War, the Colonies were divided into Northern and Southern districts.

The Southern district included Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

This article describes the spread of powder flasks from England to America in the 1800s and notes some of the major manufacturers, the varying sizes, designs, and materials, and the best way to care for your antique powder flasks.

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