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Cash may be king among teenagers, but understanding and managing credit is still important for their futures.As adults know all too well, what’s in a credit report can influence everything from the ability to buy a house to getting a job.

Following the transition, users threatened to cancel their Costco memberships because of initial and ongoing issues.

Some of those affected by Friday's email blunder complained on social media: Costco members said they had to wait more than 30 minutes on Friday and Saturday to speak with Citi representatives about their accounts.

If you need some guidance to help you help them, check out these free online resources: A prepaid debit card will give your teens low-risk experience using plastic, because the max they can spend is what’s loaded on the card. Prepaid cards also don’t report the user’s spending activity to credit bureaus, which means your teens won’t build a credit history using one. It doesn’t need to be complicated, a simple budget that includes money they have coming in and expenses will do the trick.

This allows them to make purchases while learning to live within their means. But make sure they track their expenses, including cash, and compare what they budget with what they actually spend every week or month.

His username is found in the source code of Kaptoxa, the malware program that hackers used to to gain access to Target's point of sale systems and steal the credit card data.

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