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Choose a fun, exciting gallery or photo exhibit that's not too obscure if you're anxious about not having enough to talk about.

Make sure you reserve a Premium Plus Seating Pod for the ultraluxe, perfectly positioned chairs; your pod is so private, you definitely won’t be watching the movie ($14-$29). But Eat With is a really cool concept, involving very talented cooks, and gives you and your date a chance to be part of a community, even for just a night.

, pulls the best comics in the country, and to make the evening even more thrilling, there’s always a surprise funny person on deck. Plus, the prices are reasonable, starting at $44 per person.

His main focus in life at that point was attending just about every University of Maryland sports rally and game that existed (insert eye roll, but I’ve always held the belief that if a man’s hobby isn’t violent or sexual, support it).

He was gainfully employed (at least I assumed, because at that point he owned a sparsely decorated condo on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and a weekend place in the Hamptons), generally grounded, and if anything — just kind of dorky.

But since I had my own apartment and we weren’t officially a couple, I said “I don’t know.” He wasn’t direct with me, and so I wasn’t direct with him. Was he saying he wanted me to be there when he returned? Had he instead said, “Will you meet me back here later?

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