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Today, Egptypology’s attribution of the Sphinx to Khafre is largely circumstantial.

It’s location, close to the pharaoh’s pyramid, is one factor, as is a diorite statue found nearby which it is claimed bears a resemblance to the face of the Sphinx.

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The archaeologists have found 150 funerary items in the graves.

“The style of carvings had features from the west and are considered rare for ancient Chinese tombs during that period,” Fan Jun of Ningxia Cultural Relics and Archaeology Institute’s excavation team, told the Shanghai Daily .

The key question was whether it held any undiscovered, or purposefully kept hidden, chambers, whether inside the pyramids or under or near the Sphinx.

The previous decade had seen a renewed interest in the plateau, partly due to the theories of Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock and the discovery of a door in an inaccessible part of the Great Pyramid.

Just when we believe we are about to solve its eternal riddles, the Sphinx reveals another layer of secrecy.

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