Intimidating character names

The study, published today in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, sought to understand how the human brain’s mechanism for interpreting social status evolved from the same mental systems that our early ancestors originally used to process threats.In a series of studies involving more than 1,500 people, the researchers found that an unknown black male is conceived of similarly to an unknown white male who has been convicted of assault.

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This Wiccan name is also used by a member of the Linkin Park.

Lars got the swagger from the Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

Study vignette: [NAME] woke up Saturday morning and began his day by brushing his teeth and taking a shower.

After eating breakfast, [NAME] watched TV for a while and talked on the phone.

By 2015, Biff has a teenage grandson, Griff, suggesting that Biff had at least one child by 1985.

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