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Fairly secure and featuring configurable security, it allowed network- and file-access restrictions.

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Meanwhile, Stork fled to the Wastelands, where he found, repaired and even upgraded the Condor after his home was invaded by the Cyclonians.

Unlike other squadrons, the Storm Hawks don't have a home terra as they defend all of Atmos. The Condor belonged to the original Storm Hawks, the current ones having found it long after it crashed and repaired it.

The latest version is Java 8 which is the only version currently supported for free by Oracle, although earlier versions are supported both by Oracle and other companies on a commercial basis.

It promised "Write Once, Run Anywhere" (WORA), providing no-cost run-times on popular platforms.

The Storm Hawks took their name from a previous Sky Knight squadron which was taken down by the Dark Ace, the newer one having adopted the name (and their carrier) in their honor.

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