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The composition focuses on her back, and creates another verbal pun: she is literally “turning her back” on the urgency of the election…

.” Over seventy years later, George Cruikshank took this image and re-imagined it for contemporary London society.

They had even gone as far as enquiring about enrolling at St Bride School of Printing, only to be turned down because courses were only open to trade union apprentices whose numbers were strictly controlled.

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was first advertised on June 26, 1747 as a print representing “a country inn yard at election time.” Since the election had only been announced eight days earlier, Hogarth must have completed the scene with some haste.

The only direct reference to the campaign is the crowd in the back, perhaps a comment on the lack of attention the election received from the English people.

The horrific 1734 crime of Judith Dufour – the Londoner who strangled her two-year-old and sold his clothes to buy gin – was still strong in the popular memory.

Hence the drunk mother in the picture, carelessly dropping her child into the drain.

The printing press was duly installed on the dining room table at their home Hogarth House, which gave the Press its name.

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