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As hip-hop has matured as an art form, writers have come along who have taken the craft to new heights with their storytelling talents.

Suddenly what started out as giddy toasting over party music had evolved into something closer in spirit to the gifted griots of African history.

The reply to that line must start with a `S`, and so on, until the whole alphabet has been covered. Players that hesitate, use the wrong letter, uses random words or does not move along the scene are replaced by another player. This goes back and forth until one of the two players cannot come up with a response and yells "Because I said so!

The replacement needs to take over the character of the player they replaces. Players line up, and the audience provides nouns, people, occupations, etc. " That player is eliminated and someone from the line comes and takes their place, a new suggestion is gotten and the game starts over.

"I used to f**k b**ches that Usher Raymond passed on," he raps.

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