Birthcontrol and dating sg online dating

This year 2.25 million Americans will get married—and a million will get divorced.

Could birth control be to blame for some of these breakups?

In discussing the 2008 study, hypothesized that while non-pregnant women would be more attracted to genetically dissimilar men (to avoid the possibility of incest and maximize immunity of their offspring,) women on the Pill may be more drawn to genetically similar men because pregnant women seek out family members.

A recent study shows that hormone-based contraceptives can decrease a woman’s testosterone and send her in search of men with lower levels themselves.

Without artificial hormones, women tend to be attracted to men with high testosterone levels—the rugged ones with the strong jawline and copious amounts of facial hair.

A 2008 paper published in found that while women are usually attracted to the scent of men who are genetically different from them, women on the Pill are attracted to the scent of men who are more genetically similar.

This may be because the Pill fools your body into thinking it's pregnant, and pregnancy can affect attraction.

“Trained observers” were asked to rate the attractiveness of the husbands’ faces based on photographs.

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