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For me, sex has been all about anticipation, and not so much about the actual act. While I'm screaming her name, I may well be thinking of her hot sister, her best friend, my third-grade teacher, Smurfette... If it's too long, I'll wonder if she wants to get it over with.

So, I wonder if I'm missing something more fun that my buddies are doing. So, when things are hot and heavy, I just think of anything other than what's turning me on to keep from ejaculating too soon. And, if it's too short a time period, I'm embarrassed and I'm pretty sure she's not happy. And creepy surroundings draw my attention, like a nearby picture of her mother, who seems to be staring at us while we're going at it.

A: Photos, videos, live videos, songs, text—pretty much anything. You can repost other people’s posts to your own blog.

You can make them out of videos, bursts, live photos, or just shoot them on the spot. A: It’s a way to take the stuff you find on Tumblr and make it your own. That’s how ideas spread on Tumblr, and it’s how communities form around them. A: People who are posting and reblogging about interesting stuff that you’re interested in.

There are many versions between those listed here and prior to last version listed here. See one of several sites listed in external links to find other, older versions of the product.

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