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waitebt (RSS) "Mosrite Ventures electric guitar, made in the USA in 1963.

This is a VERY rare transitional model that retains the bound body but is slightly later than the side jack models.

The guitar is USED and shows LOTS of play wear including bumps and bruises all over, but it has been set up and is ready to go.

Open Friday through Sunday and by appointment during the week. We aren’t doing a slasher movie where you know that the girlfriend is going to get sliced and diced when she goes out to the garage to get a beer from the fridge (usually after a toss with the hot boyfriend).

We’re actually going to talk about the thing that separates the tinkers from the pros. The reason most 335s still have their original harnesses is because most of us just don’t want to deal with getting the darn thing back in there.

The first letter is the year and the second letter is the month. If the tube chart is not in the amp or has been torn or damaged and you cannot read the ink stamped letters you can date the amp by the codes on the potentiometers.

Below is a chart of the manufacturing codes for potentiometers.

The guitar is all original except for the whammy bar which came from a later 60's guitar.

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