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Pierce helped Britta, who wanted to counter the Dean's Sadie Hawkins dance, and those two dances provided the rest of the cast a chance to play out their screwball comedy hijinks. Abed being on two dates at once was fun and it had just the right amount of Changnesia. Aisha: I would love to see Pierce surrounded by a bunch of church-going black ladies. Hopefully, he won't tell his story about hooking up with Eartha Kitt on an airplane for the 8,000th time.

I also love how the Dean is treating Britta this year.

There will be no story in this episode, because nothing bad is going to happen.

Of course, Abed doesn’t want to accept that, but Jeff convinces him it’s for the best.

Maybe I hadn't picked up on it in prior seasons, but he really doesn't like her, and it's hilarious.

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