Challenge dating love triangle

When the doorbell unexpectedly rings at the "Real World: Skeletons" abode, it usually means trouble is on the horizon for an unsuspecting castie.And on this week's episode, just as Sylvia's boss Alicia angrily departed, Tony got quite the shock when Elizabeth, the girl he recently broke up with before jetting off to Chicago, showed up at the front door -- the morning after the Southern charmer's weeks-long flirtation with Madison finally culminated in a night of passion. But he's hardly the first "RW" roomie to be juggling feelings for a roommate when an amorous interest from home -- a confirmed significant other, a complicated status partner or an outright former flame -- comes a knockin'.

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Lucas has been dating your best friend, Kiki, "since the womb," but has recently been spurned in favor of Kiki's new celibate lifestyle.

It's your job to charm the pants off Lucas while maintaining your friendship with Special K.

Each of them has been on reality TV for quite some time, and they’re immune to becoming the worst version of themselves , in the high-pressure and alcohol-soaked situations MTV loves to create for their casts.

(Can’t say the same for Amanda or Camila, but we’re not talking about them right now.) RELATED: ‘Invasion’ will be the best season of ‘The Challenge’ ever. And here’s why While Cara Maris is having fun, and flirting with Nicole because, why not?

Much of the drama/comedy comes from all the work needed to make sure that the space between B and C stays free from any sort of information flow.

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