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This XChat command grab, parse and print RSS newsfeed from sites defined in a configuration file Since the configuration file is read each time the command is called, you can add/remove sites without having to reload the script Usage in XChat:#!

And forces you to choose at-least one Network from the list.

And at first time startup, XChat by default tries to connect outside servers using your local internet connection.

I will walk you through my favorite scripts further down.

Irssi scripts are written i Perl and are usually located in .

To prevent these from happening: X-Chat Aqua (at Source Forge site) (up to version 0.16) supports Socks5, SSL, and does not leak DNS. And CAP_SASL script does not work without lot of tweaking. Hex Chat supports Socks5, SASL (AES, BLOWFISH, EXTERNAL, PLAIN), SSL, and does not leak DNS for IRC server hostnames. Latest Hex Chat supports SASL auth out of the box right after installation found in the Network List (ctrl s) You can now configure optional features and settings: #XChat_SSL SSL | #XChat_SASL SASL | #Load_Perl_CAP_SASL Load Perl and CAP_SASL In Linux, the defaults, which are set, after XChat just got installed with 'apt-get install xchat' on Ubuntu Linux Oneirirc, are kept at XChat Default Configuration Files, in case you want to compare.

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