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I have nothing to say before and after when he apologized.

It's been too long since we've had a chance to punish our livers, laugh on cue for TV cameras and try to act cool in the lobby while standing a little bit too close to some of our favourite comics.

Ostamas was later arrested and confessed to killing the men. You made me like this," Ostamas told the court moments before he was sentenced.

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Over this two afternoon workshop we will be working with Video Pool’s Sony HD cameras such the Sony FS700, FS100, NEX EA50 as well as an introduction to the 4K PXW FS7.

Participants will learn to use the manual settings of these cameras, gaining greater control to produce video of the highest quality.

Two men suspected of starting a rooming-house fire in Point Douglas that killed two people are no strangers to the justice system.

Jonathan Graham Barstad, 34, and Edward Wade Beardy, 35, have lengthy criminal records in addition to the second-degree murder and arson charges they each now face.

Ostamas, 40, received a life sentence for three second-degree murder convictions, and won't be eligible for parole for 75 years — 25 years for each murder.

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